Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Public Patients in Public Hospitals are SUPPOSED to be FREE

Some Links about supposed FREE Health cover in Australia.


Under Medicare, all permanent Australian residents are entitled to free public hospital care when choosing to be public patients. Doctors who are appointed by the hospitals provide their medical treatment. State and Territory governments provide public hospital services and work closely with the federal government and professional bodies to ensure that quality of care and appropriate standards are maintained. Australians may elect to be treated as private patients in public hospitals or to use private hospitals. In the private sector, patients can choose to pay directly for medical costs or use private health insurance.


Medicare and private health insurance

Australia has two health insurance regimes: Medicare, and private health insurance.
Medicare is a taxpayer-funded health cover scheme that gives all permanent residents a basic level of health insurance. It provides:

access to free treatment as a public patient in a public hospital
a rebate on the medical costs of being a private patient in a public or private hospital (75% of the recommended schedule fee)
a rebate on fees charged by GPs, specialists and optometrists (85% of the schedule fee)
subsidised prescription medications purchased from pharmacies.


Patients should be given accurate details of the fees and any additional costs they are likely to incur. Whenever possible, recognising that this may not always be feasible or appropriate in emergency situations, information on costs should be provided before treatment begins to enable patients to give informed financial consent. This should include not only fees, but also all other likely charges and costs, such as specialist charges and rehabilitation costs.

anti-competitive conduct
conduct prohibited by Part IV of the Act (or the competition codes of the states), specifically agreements between competitors (including professionals) to inhibit other competitors, fix prices and divide customers between them—Part IV also prohibits the misuse of market power, exclusive dealing, resale price maintenance and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions


If you choose to be treated as a public patient, you will receive, free of charge, all your medical care from doctors nominated by the hospital, and allied health and pharmaceutical care. Accommodation, meals and other health services will also be free while you are in hospital.

Ombudsman Reports on Social Security Penalties

So after getting my benefit re-instated.. I thought I'd look at a few unfinished things...
Like the un-delivered email to the federal ombudsman's office. Seems they dont have the correct email address on their website.
Here is the email.

Message-ID: <000601c510bc$d6da8b70$0100a8c0@server1>
From: "lazerzap"
Subject: Ombudsman Reports on Social Security Penalties 2002
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:09:18 +1030

Where do I access the "Full Text" of the report?
According to the edited report..
There were 29 recomendations... What were they?
18 of those recomendations were apparently accepted..
8 to be implimented in the future?
3 Never to be acted on???

What recomendations did the government fail to impliment?


I seek to access information about the Ombudsmans ability to effectively =
represent public fairness against an increasing public hostile =

I would like to draw a comparison on previous governments and the work =
load that they have created for the Ombudsman.

Please provide via a url, or email, the breakdown of Ombudsmans reports =
since 1985.

I suspect that a government attitude toward its own public will be all =
to obvious after a brief survey of this record.

I am particularly interested in Social Security Recomendations this =
Dept. has provided.

Thanking You


I will blog the result...

OMG they did it AGAIN!!!

Well... They did it again. Instead of $280 from Centerlink.. I got $90.
Any my kids suffer again. I really despise John Howard. His meddling with the system has caused this. Centerlink make no appologies. It's legislation they always say. Recent legislation by the present government.. I always answer. So what happened this time. Well because I was moving. I forgot to return a form. Centerlink dont advise you anymore that they have stopped supporting you. The first thing you know about it is when there is no money for this week. What a horrible little man that Howard must be. To ignore the pleas of honest citizens for a "fair go". To be so penny pinching and money hungry. To impact on low income families this way. It's UN-AUSTRALIAN. Constantly having to worry that a form hasn't been misplaced. Because Centerlink WILL misplace forms and then claim that you have never filled them in. Resulting in a loss of payments again. If you question the system. You get told it's legislation. Howards legislation. Tight Ass Wanker Legislation I think. Ok.. So when I explain that since I moved to this house. My housemate has moved on. Now they will reinstate my benefit. But I have to wait 2 days longer. No appologies for screwing me around. I am lucky to get anything at all. Howards Australia.. Where we all screw each other (like lawyers and soliciters do) for the right to survive. I for one will be very vocal during the next federal election.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Mount Gambier District Health Service

It is with sadness that I have to report to you about the inadaquate health system presently in place in the SE of South Australia. I contact you as a citizen who has been a recipient of Federal Government income support for some time. As a result I think I am able to provide to this committee the view held by most low income earners in this district. I have recently (18 Months ago) moved from Adelaide to Millicent, and lately Beachport. As a result I have dealt with the health system from those locations. It will come as no surprise that as a rural citizen I am expected to put up with a sub standard health system compared to when I was living in Adelaide.
To illustrate the latest problem.
My Daughter gets stung by an insect around 6.00pm Friday evening.
We dont "panic" and apply detol creme and an ice pack.
The next day.. Nothing is said and I forget the incident.
That evening around 6.00pm again. My Daughter indicates that the bite is now very hot and very swolen.
It appears to be not too bad.. But it is Hot and swolen and itchy. So we call the Millicent Hospital.
The Nurse on the telephone tells us that a doctor will be available from 7.00pm.
So we attend the Hospital.
Travelling from Beachport. Aproximately a 70 klm round trip.
We are taken care of by the Nurses in a professional manner.
We consented to a student doctor see'ing my daughter as well.
Then finally the real doctor arrives. Dr David Sare.
Dr Sare, The student doctor. and my daughter proceed to the examination room.
I indicate (as I did with the Student doctor before) that I dont NEED to attend the examination.
(I am waiting for them to give her some antihistermene medication)
Then my Daughter appears.. Motioning for me to come to the examination room.
Dr David Sare then asked me how I wanted to pay for the GAP?
I am in a Public Hospital.. With my pensioner concession card, my medicare card.
Both with my daughters name attached.. And the doctor wants money.
We have an angry discussion which the doctor cuts short.
During this I am told by Dr Sare that the closest place I can recieve FREE medical cover is in Mt Gambier.
Dr Sare suggests that we concentrate on my daughters medical condition before we argue about the fee's.
I agree.
Dr Sare perscribes antibiotics.
I ask why no antihistermene?
Dr Sare indicates that he knows best in these things.
I tell Dr Sare that I have extreme illergic reactions to insect bites and that I am worried that my daughter hasn't been perscribed antihistermenes.
Again Dr Sare indicates that he knows best.
I inform Dr Sare that I will be upset If I have to re-attend Millicent Hospital to aquire antihistermenes.
Dr Sare suggests that I should attend Mt Gambier to aquire this service. Because if I re-attent Millicent hospital. The doctor will charge a fee.
Dr. Sare indicates that I should be happy to pay him a GAP because he has just left dinner guests to attend the hospital. (How unprofessional to even say that)
Of course DR Sare would have been rostered on. He would have known that. Is it my problem that he had to leave guests?
This doctor seems real money hungry.. And none too happy by the time I leave.
We leave the hospital. Without organising payment.
I notice the modern silver convertible sports car now parked in the NO PARKING - RESERVED area.. Hmmm Doctor Sare has a nice flash sports car to drive. Lucky him. Must be nice to make THAT kind of money..
The next day. Sunday. My daughters ankle is no better.
It has become cooler to the touch. But even with detol creme, the itching is getting to her.
Now I'm in a situation. I have used nearly all my spare fuel last night.
I call the Mt Gambier hospital.
I tell what has happened over the phone.
They eventually (coupla mins) get a doctor on the phone.
He says.. "Get here.. I will give your daughter antihistermenes"
Finally she will get what she needed.
Now I cant get to Mt Gambier. So I ring Millicent Hospital.
Thinking I will just try. And walk home from where the fuel in my car runs out.
I tell them what I have been told. I tell them that I cant make it to Mt Gambier.
They indicate that there is nothing they can do. Millicent Hospital won't provide the antihistermene.
So I hang up.
I dont know what to do.
If the local hospital wont help.
After 45 mins or so. I get a message on my mobile phone.
From Millicent Hospital. The Nurse tells me that..
If I appear with my daughter they will supply 1 antihistermene tablet.
I know I cant make it in my car. It occurs to me that Millicent may as well be Mt Gambier.
I am just not going to make it in my car.
Life on a government pension is pretty bleak. With or without a proper health system. So.. I get a brain wave.
I call the Salvation Army.
The Salvos respond. Because not all community members are self serving, money hungry professionals.
Thank whoever/whatever for the salvos. They care when no-one else does.
The Salvation Army representative travelled from Millicent to Beachport.
Picked us up.
Takes us to the Millicent Hospital. Took us home at the end.
Listening all the way to my complaints about the Health System.
And finally he had to travel back to Millicent to get home. He had been out all day. At Millicent and Narracoorte. Before he assisted us. Good response for a tired man?
The above is factual.
What follows is my opinion.
GAP is a dirty word. It means greedy.
Shame on the politicians who approved the legislation that allow this greed.

The holey dollar is not the most important thing.
Families that are desperate and in need should be still important to the decent members of our community.
What side will you be on? Saving Money ($$$) or Families that suffer?
One thing I would really like to know.
Why has the Millicent Hospital been allowed to decend to this level?
There are no Doctors mostly. The nurses are there. So are the patients.
But the doctors are private doctors who charge a gap. (read "with greed")
They only seem to attend when they feel like it.
ie: My daughter waited 2 hours+ for 6 stiches to her face. - At Millicent Hospital - No Doctor available (few Months prior)
If this "Rent a Doctor" system was but a trial for the Hospital.. Then it is a failure. Too many low income families are hurt by this proceedure.
If it is a model for the future.. Then those responsible should be ashamed.
Why do the people of this area have to put up with the penny pinching antics of a few professionals who have banded together?

As an example look at:


Editorial by Dr. Steve Dunn in reply to a question about ADGP activities...
"Will these activities increase the lifespans of local inhabitants? Probably Not. Might they help us as GPs to provide enhanced services, upskill our staff, increase our workforce, improve our income and have a bit of fun as well? I hope so."

The mailing address for this group is:

Division of General Practice
1st Floor, Millicent Hospital, Box 921
Millicent SA 5280 AUSTRALIA
I notice Dr Sare is on the board of this group.

Giving in to these people may save money by cutting costs.
But what about the reduced services.. Who are the loosers?
We all are. The people the lawmakers claim to represent. Most of all the low income families.
And who are the winners.. Only the money hungry professionals.
I believe Dr Sare has prepared his recomendations for the region to this committee. I can imagine that his proposal would duplicate his profitable Millicent adventure.
I can only ask members of this committee to reject any recomendations along similar lines.

It is a failed experiment. These Doctors must be made to bulk bill in a public hospital.

Anyway.. If they were made to bulk bill. I dont think that these professionals will give up their profitable chairs, hand back their fat funding, not to mention their lucrative customer bases. To start again overseas? I think all doctors should be MADE to serve a period in rural hospitals before they are allowed to profit from their lucrative private practices. Where is their Community Obligation?.. I know all about that after being on a Centerlink Pension. It is legislation that forces my Community Obligation. Similar legislation should be created for our doctors.
What doctor would honestly leave the country anyway? Look around you. Get on the net. Talk to people as I do. The world knows Australia is THE place to be..
Why would these professionals leave?.. And if they do..
Good Ridance.. They proved that they lacked a social concience anyway.
Our society would be better off without them.
Truth be known.. Nurses can cover MOST of what Doctors do anyway.
(And with a lot less attitude)
In some countries they sell antibiotics at supermarkets.
Because there aren't enough Doctors. So be it..

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Taxation & Bribery

Isn't taxation an interesting concept? The Government gets to charge you for basically everything. Why? Because you were born here. The reasoning is. That the Government provide certain essential services for the public that need to be paid for. That I understand. What I dont understand is budget surplus with reduced services? Repayments to the public as tax breaks just prior to elections. Or other such bribery aimed at specific groups in the community. When are we going to demand Governments to act appropriately with tax payers money?

A Letter to the P.M.

As posted to the PM's website :
Dear John,

Just a note to ask you some questions.

I was wondering what businesses you personally are involved in?
I would also like to know what stocks, bonds, assets you have?

You see.. Being unemployed..
I have been hit hard by your decisions to tighten up the system.

And I think that your an evil man.


Have you been making decisions that you have a vested interest in?

Of course you have John.. What about your own retirement fund? Since Australians can't rely on an old age pension anymore... What are you going to do about MP's unending pensions? Ignore it John.. Your good at that... Maybe if you increase the retirement age.. It will save you money.. Ohh.. Dont forget to slash everything you can.. Budget Surplus!!Because we know that all you care about.

It must be nice to be so rich.

Is it John?

Do a Keeting...

Spend 2 weeks on your own Newstart Benefit.
Lets see you do the activities.. Buy the newspapers.. Attend the interviews... Pay your rent.. Take care of your kids.. (I have 2) .

Hope you find a decent job.. Lots of luck.. Because since YOU stuffed everything up.. There is NO full time employment...
I noticed you screwed with Industrial Relations too.. Because you have to let an employer rip you off for 6 months before they will look into it...
Nice change that one John.. Who did it help?? Ohhh thats right.. Your friends.. The Liberal Party contributers.. Sorry John.. I should have realised...

You were elected to represent the will of the people... You never had a mandate to sell Telstra.. Or anything else.. For that matter..

Your loaded question about the republic... Your upper echelon ripoff ala GST.. Wik...Gun Laws... Medicare Private... War...


What a way to get remembered...

We didnt have to have a war.. But you wanted too...

Well John...
We are nearly ended... I guess you have worked out that I dont think much of your lies. Your manipulation of Australian society for your own ends is deplorable.

This email and your reply (If your brave enough) can be viewed at

Thanks Again John..

You are without doubt Australian's Prime Mangler.

Wonder if I will get a reply? Stay tuned.. :)

The Move to Beachport

The move from Millicent has been achieved. On a the new phone number now. Third Sleep in the new house last night. Kids now travelling to school via a school bus. Whew.. I took the kids to school yesterday. I spoke to Daniels teacher. She is very happy with Daniels improvment in attitude. Aparently he had been creating mischief. While I was there I watched the kids do athletics. Daniel and Sarah both competed seperately. Sarah won a second place for 1500mtr. Daniel came 4th in his division. They were both "stuffed" after it was over. lol

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Howards Vision

Hit me like a flash today.. Howard funds the private schools at a high rate. Why? Well I think because he was (as most politicians are..) a product of those private schools. Hmmmmm. Mr Howard seems to be creating an Australia that will always blindly vote for a Liberal Government. Problem is Mr Howard... If everyone is a lawyer, judge, politician, or doctor.. Who will you tax then? Yourselves?? Oh! My! God!! Finally... hehehehehe
Oh geez its fits too.. Because Howard is a self confessed Monarchist.. It basicly makes him King of Australia. (in his eyes). I guess thats why he is creating lots of young liberals.. To act as psudo Lords and Ladies of HIS Monarchy.. I guess. And its going well... Don't you think? Australians are basically dumb. Well.. Sorry if you take offence to that.. But where were the people when Howard locked up the kids? Why didn't Australia cry WITH those children against the inhumane act's that Howard kept inflicting? I must admit.. I DIDN'T APPEAR. I wasn't there.. I was quiet.. I was a good sheep.. We were all good sheep.. Weren't we? Even when he took us to war. We were especially good sheep in case good old Uncle Sam raised an eyebrow at us. And we are too timid to answer back Uncle Sam. Like little new Zealand. NOT! But lets face it. They have balls. Or their leaders seem to. I honestly think Howard can/will push through laws that change out ways of life in Australia. He is far from committed to the idea of a multicultural Australia. So it will be interesting to see what group "cops" Howards legislation next. I think he will continue tightening down legislation. The shame of it is that I think he could be some kind of maniac that doesn't care really about his legislation hurting people. Only the major vote swing items will he fall into line on. In this day of information gathering. Howard knows what "matters" to the majority. And what doesn't too. Have a look at this link
Do you see what I mean? The total replies would be all Howard would be interested in. If there weren't too many replies. No matter what public opinion actually was. If it isn't a significant number of people responding. It's isn't important enough to worry about. No matter what they think. On the other hand.. If lots of people feel strongly about a subject. Thats worth taking note of. This is the way Howard can magically slip out of the set noose. He knows via polls like these (maybe even this one) What actually matters to the Australian people. If he knowingly "crosses" them.. He risks his future. And he knows it.

John Howard Lies

Hmmmmm How does this prick keep getting elected??????
Have a look at
to see how many lies.. He is either the biggest liar we have had for a PM. Or he is the only one to be caught!! Yeah I know... They all lie.. So how come we get FORCED to elect them? Would you vote for a liar? Then why did you?? Then how did he get elected? Someone must have voted for him.. But nobody wants to own up to it. All these proud brave psudo liberals who voted for Howard. All in denial about supporting him now. So did Howard actually get elected? Or was there a fault in the election counting. Like a big LIBERAL fault. I'm sure the Liberals only count the votes correctly when they have a big MESS that needs cleaning up. Or a scapegoat to blame for it all. So judging by the state of Australia at the moment. I guess the Libs will slink off next time. Because they have created a nice big mess for the ALP to try and fix again.

Bad Government

Well today we heard that the Country isn't quite as rosy as Mr Howard would like us to think. What a shock.. lol NOT!!! So the economy barely developed.. Well what do you expect with all these new policies designed to make working Australians work harder and longer. The Liberals seem to think that taxing the lower income earners MORE than their rich buddies results in an increased economy? Hmmmmm More money in the fat cats pockets.. AND we have had an interest rate hike. Well.. How many people will that put under? Not that Mr Howard cares. He is too busy making it more impossible to collect Government welfare.. Dont ya know.. So when it gets real tough... Hope you dont loose your job. Because you will be in for a shock. Mr Howard has changed most things. And you think maybe since you have been paying taxes all your life.. Maybe you DESERVE unemployement benefits. Wrong.. Mr Howard thinks that Welfare money could be better spent of tax rebates. So dont expect any EMERGENCY payments. Cos they dont exist anymore. You have to be a FARMER in financial trouble for that.. Or have no roof over your head. Even then.. You will have to wait. Until they cross the T's and dot all I's.. It may take a month or more. And there is no good complaining. Because you see.. It's Government legislation. But aparently thats ok too.. Because Mr Howard will back pay you. If your survive. Have fun with Mr Howard's vision for Australia's future. You poor sheep.. lol

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