Saturday, August 13, 2005

Telstra Big Pond's Customer Service

I am a customer of Telstra here in Australia. It is almost impossible not to be.
You see Telstra hold a monopoly over telephone communications in this country. Originally the communications network was completely funded via Government taxation.

The people of Australia owned Telstra outright.

And Telstra provide the infastructure that the other so called providers re-sell to the public. So ultimately we are all Telstra customers here.

Then the Government decided that they could sell this public asset. They floated Telstra on the stock exchange and sold 50% of the company into public hands. This same Federal Government (Howard Government 2005) are about to sell off the other 50% ASAP.

Well I have had some problems with this company.

I am not even going to touch on the substandard retarded dsl option that Telstra have dished up to us. Nor will I comment on the inadaquate services that rural customers are supposed to endlessly suffer.

I just want to comment on the basics. The ability to get your question answered by a company that doesnt have to 'try' and capture a market.

As you would expect, a monopoly doesn't need to treat it's customers very well. The guidelines that the staff have been instructed to operate under obviously don't extend to customer service or support.

The Telstra corporation do NOT provide customer feedback or a voice complaints line for their internet operation. The best you can expect is an email address. ( Which is stupid.. If you cant get on the net ) Or.. A Fax number (And if your like me you have to pay long distance STD rates to even complain?) 02-9930-1596.

The telecommunications company of this country does not provide a voice telephone number for customers to let them know how unhappy they are.

As a result.. People who are unhappy I think normally give up trying to complain. Or If they are angry enough.. End up talking to the Ombudsman on 1800-062-058. But Telstra are smart.. They provide a contact point. 2 in fact. So they are within current legislation. Ahhh!!..Laughable isn't it?

I have at various times attempted to obtain true customer support from Telstra representatives. Each time I come away feeling like I have been insulted. This company is WAY OUT OF CONTROL. They need to be answerable to the public that originally funded them. As well as the Government who supposedly control them.

If the guidelines that they currently operate under have been imposed by this federal government? Then it is a total disgrace!..

Oh yeah.. Click the link

Have a look at their offerings for contact from their site.. Pathetic isn't it... Wheres the email address? There isn't one.. You have to obtain it only after demanding an answer to your questions on 133 933. And they refuse to talk to you if you dont have a big pond account. It's a merry go round..

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