Saturday, April 23, 2005

Reduced Services for ALL!

As per usual.. and in the most annoying ways. Services are reduced.
As the government that "represents our will" continues to leach us dry.

From usenet.. Talking about a Federal Government department (ACA) whose function is to
collect licencing fee's, Inspect and Govern Radio Interference in the local area.

>"yeah man" wrote in message
>> And I wonder what happens after they close the Brisbane office down.
>> Might
>> be a rumour but I read somewhere that only the Melbourne office will stay
>> open.
>Think you may find that whilst the office is closed from the customer side
>of things, field ops will still operate from there. I know when they closed
>the Newcastle office the actual inspectors still used the office as a base,
>just no support staff to deal with customers!
>Licensing and enquiries are moving to a national central office, which means
>it now takes 10 times as long to get a licence application processed! (so
>far we have an application pending for 2 months where previously it took 2

Budget Surplus = Reduced Services

As proven by this present LIBERAL Federal Government.

How low can Howard go? This is the big question...

I have been looking up the definition of a fascist government.
I may have to blog it seperately...

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