Monday, February 28, 2005

The Howard Government

Everything on this site is posted as my own personal opinion. But the following blurb needed that especially stated I thought... :)

Boy are we in trouble now. Howards Gang has control of the upper house as well as the lower house? This is going to result in untold misery for low income families. (Again) Shame on the voting public to allow this to happen. (Tutt Tutt) I do wonder if the voting public realize that a vote for Howard resulted in even more massive changes to the welfare system? After having some personal contact with the red tape, increased legislation, and a continuing disregard for the publics overal welfare. (A problem indeed) Delays for essential survival criteria? Falling totally back on Community Welfare Systems that are self admitidly at breaking point? And Mr. Howard will now proceed to make this situation worse? As he proceeds to make single parents. (Me) As well as Disabled people find work. When will he finally be happy? The man has no compassion for the down and out in our community. He has all this huge surplus of funds. But a mean narrow minded additude about it. Its like its his own personal money. Being a fat cat himself and likely under control of many companies. Howard creates an Australia that only looks after the winners. Those that have made it. Many by standing on others heads. Thus leaving a path of personal destruction behind them. I dont believe people like Howard can get super rich by being nice and polite. Treating others the way you want to be treated. Like offering their seat to an old lady on public transport. These fat cats have the predator instinct. And we are their prey. What is the image Howard has of Australia in the future? What will he mould us into? This attitude of not being concerned with the public welfare unless people fit into certain well defined boxes. The inability of the system itself to create adaquate boxes is the problem itself. While the Government Departments that are answerable for where the welfare dollar is spent, most have instigated schemes to reduce the amount of welfare dollars that they have to pay out. (Thus returning the surplus to the Government) Thru outright draconian interpretation of existing legislation. (Which has to be challenged thru other Govt. Departments) Eventually.. Given a reasonable result. Your survival in society may continue. Is this what Australians wanted? A lower class of street dwellers that are completely ignored by the Government that are supposed to represent them? Howards mandate was to improve the overall condition of the Australian public. Not to represent the upper echelon. History will remember Howard as a timid little man (Bushs Puppet) who was overly harsh on the public whilst enjoying a known surplus.

PalTalk and Other Mysteries

I use PalTalk as my preferred chat program.
It has been good.. I have befriended many people from diverse cultures on pal. I tend to hang in the Australian rooms. So I can chat to the opposite sex in my "Area" so to speak.. lol There is a lot of sexual inuendo in the PalTalk Adult rooms. (Every 10 mins on average). Shame really.. lol Such low sex drives.. hehhee ;p

Moving House..

Wow.. Here I am.. Moving house again.
Gee I hate it... Finding/Moving stuff that you never use.
The kids are excited by the move. I gave them the option of going to the Coonawarra Dragracing or Start Shifting House.. And of course they wanted to shift house??? Uh Huh.. Where did I go so wrong? Anyway once in the new abode I wont have to drive to much. As a school bus goes past the door. :) The "black car" has been doing some hard miles lately. There seems to be a slight noise/vibration coming from the rear of the car. Hope it doesnt cost me money soon. :( So the move can't come soon enough for the "black car".. Now if I can just convince it to tow a trailer load or 5 in the next few days...(Without breaking something)... I will be happy..
I hate moving house.. lol..

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