Monday, June 25, 2007

What Good are Party Politics?

I read this article on John Howards latest Smoke Screen.

Aparently the reason the community has sunk to such a low level is because the Howard Government have been neglecting these people in the first place.

Quote: "They said the community had gone backwards in terms of services since Mr Brough became minister."

That says it all right there.

Is anyone surprised?

Howards Budget Surplus comes from somewhere... Right?

We knew the Doctors were unhappy with Howard. Because they refused to bulk bill.. Right?

The Unions are unhappy cos Howard forces reduced wages on all us plebs. At the same time Howards "Independant Tribunal" allows a 6.7% increase in politicians wages.

That Tribunal may be in theory be "Independant". But the way it goes is like this. The Tribunal consists of 3 people. They are selected by the Governor General. The Governor General is selected by the Prime Minister. So they may claim to be independant. But in reality they are 3 people who are on multiple boards and act as little more than a figurhead. While in reality the "work" is done by a Government Department secretairiate. So just how independant is it? When it is supplied with data from a government agency?

How about we force Howard and his cronies onto a performance based contract like he wants all Australians to be covered with? Whats wrong with that John? Let me fill out the contract.. I have seen a few of these things now. I will take your fat cat cash and replace it with 'Survival Money' like you tried to do to the rest of us.

If you dont like it... Stiff.. We dont like YOU John. I'd have the slimey ferret working for what he is worth. Bare minimum wages. Go back to doing whatever you want John.. But don't stuff up my country anymore.

Democracy is supposed to be the 'will of the people'...
How come that slimey ferret took us to war? When 80% of the population didn't want it? How does that work? When one man can overule public opinion? It doesn't sound like democracy.. It sounds like a dictatorship.

Same as what he is doing to the Aboriginals. They say the need infastructure. Howard offers then Police and Army. Fines for the poor of our community. Howard must have realized that this part of Australia has less fines than other parts. Well.. More cops should fix that.. Hang the human suffering cops cause.. Stuff the fallout of a complete disruption of reasonably quiet communities. Just more fine money in the bank to add to the surplus.

If Howard funded the states better we wouldn't have such a problem with Hospitals and many other previously state owned utilities wouldn't have been privitized. Howard is the direct cause of all this hardship. Next election. Use your head. Don't vote for Howard or any of his 'yes' men.

The ALP looks like a clone of Howards gang.. It's true.. The ALP state governments aren't doing a very good job either. They act like pseudo liberals nowadays.. They allow suffering at all levels without seeming to care.. They are no better than the liberals. So much for ALP policy.. They should stick to their blue color grass roots. Or the voting public may just allow Howard to remain. Because in the voting publics eye.. They are the same anyway..

Think back to basic physics. Things in motion tend to stay in motion. Things at rest tend to stay at rest. If there is no difference between the liberals and the ALP.. May as well leave the liberals in.. The ALP needs to get back to improving the lot of the common man. After 10 years of John Howard.. The working man needs a break. But only if the ALP are prepared to really improve the situation. If not.. Let em rot. Voting Independant is really the smart way.. Shame either the liberals or the alp are the only ones going to get in.. Thats why most people dont vote independant.

But there is a change coming. People dont like the way the politicians have been operating. Maybe sooner than you think Australians will wake up and realize that voting Independant is the only true way of getting representation that will not be stifled by some stupid party politics.

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