Monday, March 26, 2007

Has WIN 10 gone too far?

Geez.. I dont know..
Maybe its me... But I don't think so..
I know I'm getting old. (49)
Perhaps it does make a difference that I have 2 kids under 14..
I guess because of that I'm getting more sensitive to TRASH on TV.

At 7.30pm on Friday 23rd March 2007 the kids and I were watching TV.

Although initially I didn't want the kids influenced by the Simpsons deranged American brand of humor. Eventually I bowed to the Childrens Peer Preasure.
(All the other Kids watch it.. They talk about it at school and we feel like your making us live in the 1950's. Why can't we watch the Simpsons?)

Thankfully as the years progressed the Simpsons became more Kid friendly.
(Even I get a chuckle at the antics of the Simpsons nightly nowadays.)

Night/Primetime - Friday, 23 March, 2007
SA - South East SA
6.00pm The Simpsons
6.30pm Neighbours
7.00pm The Biggest Loser
7.30pm The Simpsons
8.00pm The Simpsons
8.30pm The Sweetest Thing

Not that we get a choice on Win 10. Notice the 3 Simpsons episodes.
(Gimme a break WIN 10 - I now like the Simpsons.. But 3 Episodes a night??)

Then it was 8.30pm.
A Movie started. It was called "The Sweetest Thing".
Well.. This Movie had me off my chair and "attempting" to find a TV station I could happily allow the kids to see.

I mean.. It's 8.30pm on Friday Night. No School tomorrow.
So of course the kids want to stay up a little later than usual.
They normally go to bed on a School night at 9.30pm.

Anyway.. "The Sweetest Thing" isn't for kids..
It embarased me in front of the kids in the first 5 mins of the Movie.

Maybe I should just "give up" and turn off the TV after 8.30pm.
Because not much is suitable for the kids after that time.

I just thought that at 8.30pm on a Friday night the Network Executive who chose the content would have "eased" out of the Simpsons into something less severe for parents.

Win 10 rated it as (M) Mature Audiences. [Adult Themes or medical procedures, Coarse language, Sexual references/sex scenes] But in my opinion (for the 5 mins I saw it) It should have been rated much higher. Initially this TRASH was rated (R) in the USA. Why then is it rated (M) here?

In a nutshell.. It's about GIRLS who are looking for "Mr RIGHT NOW!!" rather than "Mr Right".

Very modern attitude you might say.
Yes why not brain wash our Daughters to think Cock a doodle doo any cock will do?

I'm sorry but this is un-acceptable as a parent of a young Daughter.
I don't care if the main offender has a change of heart later in the story.

The explicit nature of the Movie coupled with the FOUL Language isn't something I want my Daughter to emulate.

Have a read of what kind of content was in "The Sweetest Thing"

Scroll down the page (of the above link) and really look at what was contained in this "M" rated movie.

Now maybe you understand why I was embarased with this TRASH going on in front of my Kids?

Another review link follows.. (Much smaller link - Mainly gives the storyline and reviewers comments)

From above link - 1 hour, 24 minutes, Rated R for strong sexual content and language.

Next problem...

Monday Morning just after Midnight. I turn on the TV.

Sheeesh They are playing JackAss.. OMG how disgusting.

I watch a man piss on some snow he has placed in an ice cream cone.
Then he eats it.
Then he throws up.

Whats wrong at WIN TV?

Is there anyone in charge there? Who do I blame for this garbage?

The last segment of JackAss I see a man insert a toy car into a condom.
Lubes it up with "Anal Gel" and sticks it up his anus.

Is this supposed to be funny?

I find it sick and disgusting.

Click the link to see what I (thankfully) missed.
(I'm glad I wasnt watching from the start)
I think I saw the last 10 mins - Only kept watching so I could blog this.
(Shakes head)

Sheeesh.. Someone needs to be sacked at WIN 10.

(I first saw this JackAss crap on the internet when it was first released. Never thought a TV Station would drop this low.)

It's either Infomercials all night or this shit!

(By the way. The Law of Probablity says some Kids were still awake and watching at Midnight - I hope your proud Mr TV Executive. With any luck it was your Kids who saw it and will try and emulate it. You total plonker Mr TV Executive!!)

I complained immediately to the poor girl who acts as an answering service to WIN 10.
I will email this next to WIN 10. I hope they realise that this is a complaint.
Next Stop will be A.C.M.A. (Australian Communications and Media Authority). If I dont receive a reply from WIN 10 within 30 days. As per current legislation.)

A copy of this letter with any reply is posted at

Pick up the ball WIN TV!!! You dropped it badly.

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 17:16:20 +0930
From: "" Subject: Your message has been deleted by WIN Televsions server as it contains offensive language


Isn't that a joke...

Look what I put on the bottom the next time I sent it..


(Please note: This is an edited resend. Aparently your email server rejected and deleted my message for using language that you broadcast!! Work that one out..)
Thank you for your email in which you state your concerns regarding programs broadcast.
In relation to the M rated program telecast on 23rd February at 8.30pm and the lack of programming on Friday nights after 8.30pm for children's viewing, we note your comments. Programming suitable for children is telecast from 3pm - 5pm with PG (parental guidance) programming broadcast from 7.30pm - 8.30pm. The consumer information broadcast at the start of the program is for parents to make a decision as to whether they wish to allow their children to view the upcoming program.

We note your comments regarding the programming you have complained of and monitor viewer feedback which assists when making programming decisions.

Robin Reid,
General Manager - Television SA
WIN Television SA Pty Ltd,
ph 08 87218888
fx 08 87218811
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