Sunday, November 05, 2006

Democracy or What??

According to Wikipedia: "Democracy.. is a form of government for a nation state, or for an organization in which all the citizens have an equal vote or voice in shaping policy."

I have a simple question.

Why then am I restricted from contacting my local members. Both liberal. State and Federal. When I attempt to have existing laws modified, or discuss current policy of any description. The honorable members need me to articulate my thoughts using pen and paper rather than via a simple telephone connection.

I guess they have both decided that I am too difficult to deal with on a weekly level. lol (I kinda dont blame them.. Because they have a lot to answer for.. )

My Federal MP listened to the sound of my unhappy ideals being flushed down the toilet by his federal leadership for about 10 seconds before I was informed that he would not be receiving phone calls from me anymore and that in future to contact him only in writing.

The State MP was able to effectively dodge most questions by blaming the state of the system on his Federal cohorts. However, initially he did hear me out and I came away thinking that this man actually cared. Unfortunately subsequent telephone calls have resulted in similar screening as I receive from my Federal Representative. When I attempt to contact my State MP directly.

The requirement to represent is still being maintained by my elected members.

They just demand that I only contact them in writing.

At the next election. I will vote accordingly.

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